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Aumsarthi: Guru Sewa Kaise Rang lai…lets Join it

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What we have achieved till today, by Twitter suprachaar ??

1. Before January 2013, Twitter was the hub of anti-Bapu people.
They used to openly make 1000s of anti-Bapuji tweets by making fun as well as spreading totally wrong info about Bapuji.
The main reason – No one to oppose!

Since out sadhaks took control of the same,
those people got a strong opponent and they stopped their “barking”.

2. Due to this freedom of talking anything about Bapuji in the absense of pro-Bapuji people,
even celebrities used to talk wrong about Bapuji as they were watching the popularity of anti-Bapuji tweets on twitter.

But later these sadhaks gave stunning replies to these celebrities and literally flooded their account if they said even a single
wrong thing about Bapuji.

3. Whenever any news used to come against Bapuji,
a trend used to be created with 100s of Anti-Bapuji tweets “per minute”.
This used to make more damage to the image of Bapuji.

When these sadhaks came on twitter,
no matter how many Trends used to be created by any “breaking news”,
people used to see only and only positive tweets in twitter as these few sadhaks used to fire their gun with “double” speed than 1000s of nindaks!

4. Many a times people get fooled by News or wrong Tweets and start taking Bapuji in a wrong way, thus a wrong image was build for Bapuji in their mind.
But when sadhaks started 1 to 1 counter-attack on “each and every” negative tweet,
many people finally realised the truth and started realising the greatness of Bapuji.

5. Sadhaks on Twitter do non-stop tweets on Sewa-karya of Bapuji.
Thus world now realising the greatness of Bapuji and His work towards the society.

— Aumsarthi